Tweets From Henchmen – Clock King

Tweets From Henchmen - The Clock King

Every time we go out to eat he orders seconds.

clock king

Clock King

Tweets From Henchmen – Giganta

 I like Giganta.  I could really get into this chick.



Tweets From Henchmen – Megatron

Everything is “Mega” with this guy!  Just spent 7 hours in Costco.  Do we really need 1200 rolls of toilet paper?!? #RobotsDreamOfElectricSheepButDoTheyEvenGoToTheBathroom?




Tweets From Henchmen – Skeletor

Keeps telling me I’m so sexy I’m giving his face a boner. #ChasesGuyInLoinClothShouldHaveKnown



Tweets From Henchmen – Cobra Commander

Ugh!  Seriously, it’s like listening to Cyndi Brady and Drew Barrymore have a shushing contest!  #HowDoesHeNotDrownInHisHelmut?

Cobra Commander

Corba Commander

Tweets From Henchmen – Mr. Mind

 So…if you mistakenly step on and kill your employer, do you still get paid?


Mr. Mind

Tweets From Henchmen – Gargamel

This dude is out of his mind!  He’s constantly tripping on shrooms. #SmurfThisImOuttaHere





Tweets From Henchmen – Catwoman

Gives totally new meaning to the term “cat online casino nip”.

Catwoman and Cat Woman

Cat Woman

Tweets From Henchmen – Dr. Claw

This is like the 27th time in a row I’ve picked up the check.  He just keeps saying “I’ll get you next time, Henchman, next time!”  #DrClawIsACheapskate

Dr Claw

Dr Claw

Tweets From Hencmen – Ras Al Ghul

And I’m speaking from personal experience here.  If he asks if you’d like to see “The Demon’s Head”?  Say no.


Ras Al Ghul

Ras Al Ghul